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*sneaks in, drops off fic*
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eerian_sadow wrote in evil_cassettes
Title: Twin Bond
Universe: Avalon AU
Rating: PG
Prompt: Transformers (G1), Rumble/Frenzy: comfort - As twins, they always knew when one needed the other.
Warnings: none
Summary: no matter what, they would always seek each other out when something was wrong.
Word Count: 635
Author's Notes: old fic is old. but somehow not posted over here. (or possibly anywhere else aside from springkink because it has NO feedback.) it's definitely one of my earlier Avalon AU pieces, and it shows. i was experimenting a lot with writing style at the time (some of my other pieces from this period reflect that too) and this fic suffers a bit from the style i chose for it. it's really not bad though, and does convey most of the point i was trying for.

fake cut to my journal


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