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28 themes
eerian_sadow wrote in evil_cassettes
so, in order to (attempt to) breathe new life back into the cassette communities evil_cassettes and cassetteobots, i'm going to do the 28 themes meme-thing again. once for each faction. the list is a touch different from the one i used for 28 Days in Avalon, but similar enough. (i'm pretty sure this list was tweaked a bit to work with specific characters, but it suits my needs. ^_^)

so! you can claim a theme here, tell me which cassette you want to see and give me a prompt word or phrase to work from. also, let me know if you want a specific co-star or not. and whether or not you want it to take place in one of my AUs or just the canon 'verses. you may claim once for each list, but please, no more than that right now. i'll let everyone know if i need a second round of claims. ^_^

Please click here to go to my journal and make a claim


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